Easy Strategies To Stand Up For Yourself Against Manipulators

To handle manipulation, postpone your answer to give yourself time to ponder, question their intent, look disinterested by not reacting, establish boundaries and say no firmly, maintain your self-respect by not apologizing when they blame you for their problems, and apply…

Are you unfairly accusing a woman as aggressive?

Too many women are unfairly labeled and accused of being too aggressive or difficult at work. That often inaccurate description not only holds them back from promotions but refocuses their attention away from their leadership and strategic thinking to trying to not be perceived as aggressive.

At the same time…

Skills individual contributors, front line managers, mid-management, and executives need.

Different job levels require different skills. However, most people who get promoted to a new level don’t understand the skills that will help them succeed in that new role.

One of the most difficult transitions happen from individual contributor to manager for a team where emphasis shifts from technical skills…

5 Ways To Better Adapt And Thrive In New Cultures

To thrive in a new culture, immigrants must choose the advice they get carefully, proactivelly reach out to the right people, ask for help when needed, be their own best advocate, and be open to negative feedback.

Immigrating to a new country can be overwhelming, lonely, and stressful. That…

5 Strategies Women Can Use To Get Men To Listen To Them

To succeed as a woman in a male-dominated industry you need to make yourself heard in meetings by building one-on-one rapport and to capture their attention by creating stronger transitions to your perspectives with questions, “and” transitions, paraphrasing, and by restating the problem.

How do you succeed as a…

Why Leaders Need To Speak Up

Nice agreeable leaders get fewer resources but more work, they are less effective, they struggle to manage their team, and limit their hiring pool.

The first time I managed a team, I struggled with my passive personality.

My new team had gone through several managers in the previous 2…

How Do I Stop Obsessive Rumination

Obsessive rumination is easier to stop when you shift your focus away from how other people react to you and towards positive future-oriented activities that will improve your life and career, such as your goals, your plans, and your actions and towards serving others.

Do you get stuck ruminating…

Ivna Curi

Ivna Curi is the founder of AssertiveWay.com, empowering professionals at work. Don’t give up on your dream career until you learn this: bit.ly/getrecognized1

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